A sweet (and healthy) mess in the morning: breakfast-banana split

breakfast banana split #recipe #gourmetguerilla No, no - that's no mistake. The snotty thing in the picture is definitely a breakfast and not a dessert. Although it's so delicious that you could probably have it later for dessert as well, and then again for coffee instead of cake.

And actually that would go great too: unlike its icy relatives, ours contains Breakfast banana split about as much sugar and fat as an average cereal and is thus clearly in the Rubik "healthy breakfast". It's simple and fast: fried bananas are arranged on a plate with vanilla soy yoghurt, roasted cereal flakes and a spoonful of melted, dark chocolate. As a fresh topping slightly sour fruits such as passion fruit are doing really well. One thing I can really promise you: You'll love it!

A sweet (and healthy) mess in the morning: breakfast-banana split Normally, I do not deal so extensively with the first meal of the day and the kebab connection is in recent times (for known 6-year reasons) so not really active. So how did I come up with this breakfast idea? Alpro invited me to take breakfast 365 times a day. Bloggers from around the world show a delicious breakfast every day for a year. I like the idea of ​​creating a permanent platform there. Check it out, it's really inspiring, what has come up so far with sweet and savory recipes with delicious pictures. And lo and behold: If you put a few cups of soy yoghurt in the fridge, so it can certainly healthy breakfast excesses come out.

So here's my contribution to 365 x breakfast:

Ingredients for a breakfast banana spilled on a plate and soy yoghurt in a glass with a spoonBanana, 6-Grain-Flakes in a Glass and a Sausage Maracuja

Breakfast Banana Split on a Plate

Mouth-open ... delicious breakfast!

 A fork with a bite of breakfast-banana-split

And this is how it works for 1 serving:

1 banana peel and halve lengthwise. In a nonstick skillet Melt 1 tsp butter or peanut oil on medium heat and fry the halves of the banana with the cut surface until they are browned. While the banana is frying, put 2 slices of dark chocolate in a small cup and place them in a bowl of hot water until the chocolate melts.

The bananas in the pan to the side Pour 3 tablespoons of oatmeal or 6-grain flakes into the pan and fry briefly until lightly browned.

Place the halves of the banana on a plate, Pour 4 tbsp cold vanilla soy yoghurt (or traditional yoghurt) over the bananas and sprinkle with the roasted cereal flakes.Inform yourself on the label, what is included in the products. Despite intensive search I have not found any soy product without flavors. But: Something is always there.

Breakfast banana split on a plate close

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GourmetGuerilla - Breakfast Banana Split