My ice cream - your ice cream. And more "have-want" silverware.

It (he/she ...?) can not help it, I know. But sometimes I find Etsy really stupid. Namely always exactly when you have found something beautiful and spontaneously in love, has already checked the credit card account positive for any free capacity * cough * - and then determines that the item is not delivered to Germany. Not really? Click. Click. Click-click. Not really. Oh no!

That's just how I felt about this really beautiful silver cutlery from BeachHouseLiving. What else is left for you to do, as if slightly offended, pull a pout from far away and then stop by Hasi & Mausi to equalize frustzushoppen?

Maybe you still keep a few souvenir photos from the never-ending love affair ...

To the wedding:

For clear conditions:

Top without a bit of variety:

As a relationship-saving measure:

When you get older:

If someone is about to travel to the US and have a valid postal address on time ... You know.