Test & Taste in Advent: Handmade Elisen gingerbread from the Fichtelgebirge. There are also Hansel and Gretel from the socks ...

Elisen Gingerbread Hansel and Gretel Man, I'm honestly glad I met these Gingerbreads and they met you today at test & key can imagine. When the offer of Michael Hatzel came to send me some of his Elisen gingerbread to try, I was initially only moderately interested (yes, I admit it). I knew gingerbread from the candy-decorated funfair hearts and from the 6-pack cardboard box in crunchy house shape for the Advent season. Darkly, I could still remember the jam-filled heart from the foil bag. All variants have never really convinced me - somehow boring, very sweet, dry and sometimes a bit musty in the taste.

More by accident I have then looked again on the homepage of Hatzel and was fascinated : A family business that has been producing handmade Elisen gingerbread from the finest ingredients for over 80 years, considers Slow Food to be supportive and is based in the Fichtelgebirge. Had someone just gained a particularly coherent marketing story or was it perhaps exciting? I researched a bit and finally wrote to Michael Hatzel that I would like to try his gingerbread.

When the parcel arrived a few days later, the family was eagerly awaiting the Elisen gingerbread and tasting extensively. For me as a dysfunctional (in a good way) it's always a really big deal when dishes or foods that I've been checking off for a long time suddenly taste like they probably should just taste. Anyway, I felt a bit like Hansel and Gretel after tasting the witch's crunchy house for the first time: dazzling, delicious, more! (That spontaneously inspired me to take the pictures with the wafer pictures.) Almonds, hazelnuts, a hint of marzipan, orange, lemon and aromatic spices - all wrapped in chocolate or a wafer-thin, transparent icing ...

I would have liked to have written here now "I think that's just how Advent should taste". The (proofreading) man urged me, however, urgently to get my Werbersprech under control. Alright. But I'm really happy that I can introduce you here to the special products of this long-established family business. And even more, that you too can make this gingerbread experience ...

A wafer picture with Haensel and Gretel in the middle of gingerbread

A little gingerbread house and before that a wafer picture with Hese

One Elisen gingerbread cut in half

A can Hatzel's Elisen Gingerbread

You want also try the Elisen gingerbread from Hatzel? Michael Hatzel has kindly provided me with 5 trial packages for my readers.

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